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   With the development of the national strategy of "going global", In order to implement the national strategy of "going global", Zhongqi Expo promotes outbound investment and cooperation, accelerates the develop of products trade and helps enterprises carry out international marketing. After a lot of enterprise investigation and industry research in 2009, Zhongqi Expo in 2010 made "going global" service project for Chinese enterprises. In this service project, it directs Chinese enterprises to various meetings held for professional projects in countryies and regions where there is a great deal of market demand and opens a practical service window for enterprises to "go global".

Overseas Professional Activities 
 Zhongqi Expo, cooperated with government organizations, industry associations and industry organizeations both at home and abroad, jointly hosts and undertakes different kinds of exhibitions, product trade fairs and product project meetings, thus helps enterprises extensively explore international market and creates more "going global" opportunities of cooperation for enterprises.
Market Research, Plan and Promotion
 According to industry demand of foreign countries, proper units and enterprises of both sides is organized to participate in the activities on the basis of much research, organizing and planning, publicity and promotion before fairs.
Full Cooperation with Foreign Organizations
Through invitations from government organizations and industry associations or professional means and methods, buyers and industry units with demand are invited and organized to take part in the fairs. This ensures professional and appropriate units come to fairs and cooperation relationship is built. 
Building the Most Direct Exchange Platform
An easy way is provided for foreign units and enterprises. Foreign units and enterprises can easily find the best Chinese product, trade partner and project partner in his own countries. This ensures zero contact between foreign buyers, foreign enterprises and Chinese and suppliers.
Zhongqi Expo helps Chinese enterprises explore international market and raise the position of Chinese enterprises and products in the international marketing. And the efforts Zhongqi Expo made has become a courageous exploration of "going global" for enterprises.
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